Fines & Fees

Since library materials are purchased with tax dollars, the Governing Board of the Heartland Library Cooperative feels a responsibility to ensure their availability to all patrons.  To achieve this goal, the Board has established a system of overdue notices and fines.  The purpose of overdue notices is to secure the return of Library property for continued use.  The purpose of fines is to provide partial reimbursement to the library for materials, staff time, and postage used in sending out overdue notices.

Fines on overdue materials are charged for each day the Library is open.

Material Overdue Fine Maximum Fine
Book $0.00/day $50.00 or cost
Pink Cart Book $1.00/day $50.00 or cost
DVD $1.00/day $50.00 or cost
DVD Set $1.00/day $50.00 or cost
Audioboook $1.00/day $50.00 or cost
Music CD $0.00/day $50.00 or cost
Magazine $0.00/day $50.00 or cost
Video Game $1.00/day $50.00 or cost

Overdue Materials

Borrowers are responsible for returning materials by the due date.  Patrons are restricted from borrowing any Library materials or using public computers if their materials are overdue or if they have charges on their account.  Fines are charged for each day the Library is open.

The Library offers its patrons several ways to manage accounts so that materials do not become overdue.

  1. Patrons may renew Library materials in person or by phone unless the item is on hold for someone else.
  2. Patrons can access the CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT feature on the library website at .

Lost or Damaged Materials

Each person is responsible for lost or damaged materials checked out on his/her card.

When an item is lost or damaged beyond repair, the patron will be asked to pay the Library’s cost of replacing it plus a $5.00 non-refundable processing fee.

Refunds for returned materials will only be given if the member county’s financial policies allow them.  Refunds are made when lost materials that have been paid for are returned to the Library in good condition within six months of the due date.

All materials are carefully checked for damage and missing parts when returned with special attention to audiobooks, music CDs, DVDs, videos, videogames.

Charges that will be applied to patron’s Library card if checked out items are returned damaged or if items are missing.  All damages are assessed on a case by case basis.

Item Charge (per item)
Barcode label $2.00
CD/DVD case $5.00
CD or Disc accompanying item $6.00
Processing fee $5.00
Lost/Damaged Book Replacement cost
**At librarian’s discretion