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Celebrate Jewish Creators And Learn About Passover With The Library

By Jennifer McConkey

            The Highlands County Public Libraries have been encouraging people to learn about different cultures through books, movies, and online resources.

            With Passover beginning this Saturday, it’s a great time to celebrate Jewish culture by learning more about the holiday and reading books or watching movies created by Jewish writers or actors.

            Not all people who are genetically Jewish practice the religion of Judaism, while not all people who practice Judaism are genetically Jewish.

            There are a wide variety of people who are considered Jewish, and the writers and actors listed in this article do not all have the same beliefs. Check out biographies or research online to learn more about the individuals listed here.

Jewish Creators

            The libraries have many books by Jewish authors, like:

            -Kyra Davis

            -Michael Chabon

            -Julie Orringer

            -Cathleen Schine

            -Nathan Englander

            -Etgar Keret

            -Cynthia Ozick

            -Julius Lester

            We also have many movies featuring Jewish actors, writers and directors, including:

            -Robert Downey Jr.

            -Scarlett Johansson

            -Mila Kunis

            -Woody Allen

            -Steven Spielberg

            -Natalie Portman

            -Mel Brooks

            -Jennifer Connelly

            -Daniel Radcliffe

Learn More

            If you’re interested in learning about Jewish culture and religion, you can take a free course called “Judaism 101: An Introduction” on Universal Class.

            You can also check out books like:

            -“The Illustrated Guide to Judaism: A Comprehensive History of Jewish Religion and Philosophy, its Traditions and Practices, Magnificently Illustrated With Over 500 Photographs and Paintings”

            -“This is my God : the Jewish way of life”

            -“Israel : a concise history of a nation reborn”

            -“Fodor’s Israel”

            -“Introducing my faith and my community : the Jewish Outreach Institute guide for the Christian in a Jewish interfaith relationship”

            And if you want to learn specifically about the Passover holiday, which celebrates Jewish freedom from slavery, try one of these books:

            -“Matzo : 35 recipes for Passover and all year long”

            -“Keeping Passover : everything you need to know to bring the ancient tradition to life and create your own Passover celebration”

            The libraries also have resources to learn about other cultures or religions that you’re interested in. Just check the online catalogue or ask a staff member to help you find what you’re looking for.

Library Schedule

            The three Highlands County Public Library branches will have a different schedule for next week only.

            Libraries will be open Monday, March 29 through Thursday, April 1 from 9:30 to 5:30. They will be closed Friday, April 2 through Monday, April 5 for the County Approved Good Friday and Easter weekend.

            The libraries will resume their regular COVID-19 schedule on April 6.