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Face The New Year With Confidence With Help From The Library by Jennifer McConkey

Jennifer McConkey Say goodbye to 2020!

Many people are excited to leave 2020 behind and move on to a new year. But many are also facing uncertainties and anxiety as they look toward the future.

So how can the library help you start the new year with confidence?

By offering resources that help you to handle unexpected problems and to plan (and keep) resolutions that will make life less stressful.

Making & Keeping Resolutions

It’s common knowledge that most people don’t keep their New Year’s resolutions.

But instead of feeling guilty for failing to keep a resolution, try focusing on setting more realistic, helpful resolutions.

If you know that you’ll struggle with working out every day, maybe make your resolution to go on a walk as a family at least once a week, or check out a fitness DVD once a month and do it as a family.

Or if you want to declutter but know that you’ll get overwhelmed, try making a resolution to organize one drawer or shelf a week instead of tackling the whole house on January First. Check out a book on how to organize without stressing yourself out more.

You can also focus on removing bad habits and replacing them with something healthier, like spending 15 less minutes on your phone each day to read or take a walk instead.

By making more realistic goals, you can give yourself room to go above and beyond the plan, while still letting yourself have off-days.

To learn more about how small changes can make a big difference, or if you want help making a plan, try one of these books:

-“Tiny Habits: + The Small Changes That Change Everything”

-“Relational Reset: Unlearning the Habits That Hold You Back”

-“Move Ahead With Possibility Thinking”

-“The Power of Off : The Mindful Way to Stay Sane in a Virtual World”

You can also take some free Universal Class courses using your library card. Just go to and look under the “Language & Learning” tab.

Universal Class Happiness

Some courses offered are:

-“Anti Aging Techniques”

-“Clutter Control 101”

-“Pursuing Happiness: Successful Strategies”

-“How to Be Your Own Life Coach”

-“Confidence Building”

-“Building Self Esteem”

Whether you know what your resolution is and you want help keeping it, or you need some advice on what to change, the Highlands County Public Libraries have plenty of resources to help.

Note that the Highlands County Public Libraries will be CLOSED from Friday, Jan. 1 through Monday, Jan. 4 for the New Year’s holiday weekend.