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Celebrate The Christmas Season With The Library by Jennifer McConkey

Jennifer McConkey
Jennifer McConkey













‘Twas nearing the end of a challenging year,

But the Christmas season was finally here!

The library staff of Highlands County

Were preparing a wonderful Christmas bounty.


Santa prepared to visit each of the libraries,

And give out multicultural holiday goodies.

At Avon Park, Santa visited on Dec. 1st,

Greeting children from afar with joyful mirth.


He will come back to visit at Lake Placid and Sebring,

Bringing social-distanced Christmas greeting.

Santa cares about health, so please wear masks,

To keep everyone safe as they do their tasks.


At Sebring, St. Nick will visit Dec. 8,

At Lake Placid, Dec. 15, so don’t be late!

Both visits will happen at 3 p.m.

But that won’t be the end of the holiday whim.


For Sebring, goodie bags will include a fun plethora

Of items from Indonesia, England, Denmark and Armenia.

And Lake Placid will celebrate with crafts and a treat

From England and Costa Rica, two different cultures meet.


Each library will be decked out in Christmas decor,

Displaying nativities, villages, and trees galore.

And with plenty of books and holiday movies,

You can learn crafts and recipes or enjoy Christmas stories.


Avon Park invites all of the kids in the town

To enjoy Christmas fun, so come on down!

Weekly take-home craft bags will be given out

Your kids and grandkids will enjoy, no doubt.


Lake Placid will celebrate with a Christmas counting game,

With a daily prize winner, kids earn number fame.

And come in next week, and the week after that one,

To get take-home bags for Christmas craft fun.


At Sebring, kids can enjoy a “Polar Express” theme,

And celebrate Christmas with the library team.

Adults can participate and check out fun books,

Maybe try some new recipes and become seasoned cooks.


So come on out to your local library building,

And make this Christmas season extra thrilling.

For more information about planned Christmas events, contact your local library: Avon Park Public Library (863) 452-3803, Lake Placid Memorial Library (863) 699-3705, Sebring Public Library (863) 402-6716.

Avon Park Tree

(Avon Park Tree)

The Highlands County Public Libraries will be celebrating Christmas with decorations and visits from Santa Claus this year.


Avon Park Display

(Avon Park Display)

Santa visited the Avon Park Public Library on Dec. 1, and he will be coming to the Sebring Public Library on Dec. 8 and the Lake Placid Memorial Library on Dec. 15. Both visits will be at 3 o’clock and include social-distancing photo opportunities and goodie bags for kids.

Sebring Kids Christmas

(Sebring Kids Christmas)

The Sebring branch will celebrate “The Polar Express” with themed decorations in the children’s area and a train book display in the main part of the library. Visit each branch to see their decorations and displays.