Celebrating the Friends of the Library by Samantha Roll

Samantha Roll
Samantha Roll

There are opportunities to give back in every community and ‘Friends of the Library’ organizations are one wonderful way people choose to do so. Most libraries have an associated “Friends” organization. These helpful volunteers raise money for the benefit of the library to provide things like computers, book carts, shelving, and other expensive items that sometimes don’t make the budget. 

The entertainers, materials and supplies, and prizes necessary for the wildly popular Library Summer Reading Program are also funded because of the generosity of the Friends of each Highlands County library. As well, any crafts you or your children may have enjoyed or library concerts and other activities, events, and associated snacks and beverages have all been made possible by your library’s Friends organization.

Each Friends group in Highlands County runs its own gently used book store. Your Avon Park and Lake Placid stores are located within the library buildings themselves whereas the Sebring location is in the “little yellow house” at 117 East Center Avenue just off the circle in Sebring. All three stores are currently open. You can call each Friends group at 863-452-3803 for Avon Park, 863-699-3713 for Lake Placid, 863-314-0053 for Sebring to inquire about changing operating hours.

It is in recognition of these hard working volunteers that National Friends of Libraries Week is celebrated every year. We in your Highlands County libraries would like to extend a special thank you this year to all three organizations, in Avon Park, Lake Placid, and Sebring, for their selflessness and dedication during this challenging time and also to you for your generous donations, making all this possible. 

If you have any questions (or just want to extend your thanks too!) or are looking for a place to get involved, please do not hesitate to get in contact with your local Friends group.

While we may not know what the future holds, we do know that your library and its associated Friends’ bookstore will continue to strive to meet your wants and needs in various and creative ways. We hope that you will come pay either organization a visit and spend some time with us!

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