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Learn New Hobbies With The Library: Bored? Game! by Jennifer McConkey

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Jennifer McConkey

Have you been experiencing some cabin fever or boredom while staying home more this year?

Many people have been checking out books and movies from their libraries to stay entertained, but did you know that the Highlands County public libraries have games available to check out?

In addition to video games, the libraries have many physical games to choose from.

Puzzles & Board Games

If you enjoy puzzles, board games or card games, come see what your local library has available.

In addition to loaning out puzzles, the libraries are now checking out various family-friendly board and card games, including:

-Monopoly Voice Banking,

-Monopoly Deal card game,

-Playing cards,


-Minecraft card game,

-5-Minute Marvel card game,

-and more!

To check out a game, visit one of the three Highlands County libraries, or call ahead to place a hold.

You can also check out logic puzzle and brain teaser books if you want to challenge your brainpower.

And for children interested in visual puzzles, you can check out one of the “I Spy” books.

If you want to learn more about games like backgammon, poker, dominoes and more, you can check out “The Book of Games: Strategy, Tactics & History.”

And if you enjoy crossword puzzles but want some help with more difficult clues, try one of the libraries’ crossword puzzle dictionaries.

Magic Tricks

While you’ve got a deck of playing cards checked out, why not learn some magic tricks to impress your friends and family members?

The libraries have books to help you learn magic tricks involving cards and other household objects, including:

-“That’s Magic! 40 Foolproof Tricks to Delight, Amaze and Entertain”

-“101 Clever Card Tricks”

-“Simple Magic Tricks: Easy-to-Learn Magic Tricks with Everyday Objects”

“200 Magic Tricks Anyone Can Do”

-”Amazing Magic Tricks” series for children

And if you’re interested in learning about famous illusionists and magicians, you can check out some of these resources:

-“The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America’s First Superhero”

-“David Copperfield” DVD

-“Magic is Dead : My Journey Into the World’s Most Secretive Society of Magicians”

So say no to boredom and find ways to have fun while staying safe!