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Seize Your Day by Samantha Roll

Samantha Roll
Samantha Roll

Many people have a lot of time on their hands lately–and to them I say carpe diem! The library provides many ways to help you seize your metaphorical day, whatever your angle may be. Maybe you’ve been putting off writing that book knocking around in the back of your mind, or the language you’ve always wanted to learn. You might have always been interested in taking up photography or another hobby or perhaps you’ve simply wanted to make your way down the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written or a similar list. Whatever the case, your library is here for you.

You might know Walter Mosley from reading his “Easy Rawlins” series or any number of his other books as this prolific author writes across an array of genres. Now, he has turned his hand once again to helping you master the components that make up a good story “Elements of Fiction” is Mosley’s follow up to his 2007 release “This Year You Write Your Novel” and “demonstrates how to master fiction’s most essential elements: character and character development, plot and story, voice and narrative, context and description, and more.”

Your library membership gives you access to RBDigital, which you can access through the County’s website at Click on Departments, then Libraries, followed by “Access Your Library’s Online Resources.” A one-time registration code is necessary for new members that you can obtain by calling your local library branch. RBDigital offers a lot of digital content and services in one platform, and among those is Transparent Language Online, where you can learn the language of your dreams at your own pace. There are over 110 languages to choose from and as well as curated lessons regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Digital Photography for Dummies” by Julie Adair King “helps you do more than pointing, shooting, and hoping for the best or slapping a filter on a camera phone shot. This book introduces you to the camera settings and techniques that separate okay pictures from frame-worthy portraits. It then explains how to apply those skills to capturing your own portraits, landscape shots, and high-action photos.”

You can access Universal Class from your library’s website at Just click on Language & Learning at the top of the page. Universal Class offers over 500 free online classes on everything from photography lessons to dog training, cake decorating, writer’s workshops, and writing and office skills. While not for college credit, all courses offer access to a professor and printable certificates of completion.

Your library staff hope you are taking care of yourself and seizing your day in whichever way is best for you.