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Letters From The Libraries by Jennifer McKonkey

Jennifer McConkey            The libraries in Highlands County have been closed to the public for several weeks, but staff members have still been working to clean up the libraries, get new items on the shelves and make sure everything is where it should be.

Since normal library interactions are not an option right now, the staff also wanted to reach out with messages of encouragement to the library patrons of the community.

Melissa Shannon, Sebring Public Library:

We have the best Patrons!

They come in with smiles and share their passions for books and movies. Many stop by the desk to say a kind word or make us laugh. Sometimes they even bring snacks.

I’ve enjoyed sharing in their triumphs of learning computer skills. There is no better feeling than sharing in our Patrons’ joy when they get “THE” book they have been searching for.

I appreciate our Patrons’ concern and support through these tough times and most of all I appreciate their love of the library.

I am looking forward to getting back to sharing and inspiring each other to enjoy our passions, dance in the rain, and  help one another enjoy each day.

Kim Stone, Avon Park Public Library:

I have been amazed at how many times over the past few weeks my mind has turned to our patrons. Out of nowhere different patrons will come to mind.  I will think of a book or movie they might like, or I will remember an interaction that we shared, and smile.

I can’t wait for us to reopen and for the chance to see all of you again.

April Waldron, Sebring Public Library:

Things have been strange during this time because we are out of our normal routine.

We miss our patrons and we know that they miss us as well. I miss the daily interactions with our patrons and helping them find that specific item they are looking for.

Until we reopen, just know that you are appreciated and missed.

Crys Martinez, Sebring Public Library:

We all definitely take for granted the simplicity of heading to work everyday and getting to see familiar faces. I hadn’t realized how much those interactions mean to those of us working with the community.

Our patrons depend on us but we also rely on them.

We are all book, movie, and content lovers. We share a love of all these things. We thrive on our conversations and interactions.

We look forward to our reopening and those simple routine days where we get to see each other, help one another, and talk face to face.

Here’s to our health and the happier days to come!

Deama Grabach, Lake Placid Memorial Library:

“To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world” – Dr. Seuss.

This is what our library patrons are to us – each one is our world and we sure miss each one of you.

Jen McConkey, Sebring Public Library:

It’s been so strange seeing the library without all our patrons.

I’ve really appreciated everyone who’s been concerned about how we’re doing during the closure. We’ve been working hard to get all three libraries looking great and to get items ready for reopening, whenever that may be.

I’ll be glad when we’re able to reopen and see you all again!

Vikki Brown, Highlands Library System Manager.:

I must agree with my co-workers that a library without patrons is really a book without a story, pun intended.

While the shelves are inventoried and freshly cleaned and organized for their return, it just wasn’t the same.

Books are meant to be read, movies long to be watched, and music needs to be heard by someone.

Just know that we took great care in cleaning and preparing your favorite place for you. We have continued ordering and processing new materials, and these new materials are anxious to be in the hands of you!

Until our time to reopen, just know the libraries are missing you as much as you are missing them!