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Our Friends are Your Friends by Samantha Roll

Samantha Roll
Samantha Roll

The burgundy sign welcoming you to the Friends of the Lake Placid Memorial Library’s Used Book Store is a familiar sight to those traveling around the circle in Lake Placid. While its official name might be long, the bookstore itself is a well-lit and organized space run by some truly dedicated and friendly volunteers who love their local community. As with all library related “Friends” groups in our county, the store sells gently used, donated books and other materials for a low price.

Most libraries have an associated Friends organization (although not all are fortunate enough to have beautiful stores like the ones in our county). These dedicated volunteers help raise money for the benefit of their associated libraries to provide things such as shelving, computers, programs, services, and other expenses that usually don’t make the budget.

Speaking of shelving, your Lake Placid branch will see some more of that in the coming months thanks to its Friends group. So if you notice things looking a little less crowded, you know who to thank!

Last year and this year both your Lake Placid Friends’ group decided to bring in more digital services to Highlands County in order to meet the needs of patrons looking for language learning resources, digital magazines, and more selection and availability in e-audiobooks than was previously available. Both your Sebring and Lake Placid branches will be purchasing additional e-audiobooks to add to that content this year. Exciting, if you ask me!

You can find Recorded Books Digital or RB Digital through our county’s new website at Simply hover your mouse over the Departments list and select Libraries. You’ll see the link to “Access Your Library’s Online Resources” on the left hand side of the page.

After a simple initial setup (call or come in for your invitation!), users are able to access RB Digital’s e-books, e-audiobooks, magazines, and language learning services through a single app on their chosen device (or computer). Library staff across Highlands County are ready to help you get started. Ask us about Recorded Books Digital next time you’re in and we would be happy to assist you!

The money raised to support your library in providing these services and materials to you comes primarily through Friends’ used book bookstores. It just so happens that your Lake Placid Friends are having a huge sale on Friday, February 7th and Saturday, February 8th from 10 am to 5 pm. All books and magazines will be on sale for just $0.10 each!

Both your Lake Placid and Avon Park Friends’ used bookstores are located in their respective library buildings and accessible through separate entrances. Your Sebring Friends bookstore can be found in the “little yellow house” on the circle at 117 E Center Avenue. We hope if you are in need of a Valentine’s Day gift or something to read on vacation that you will consider supporting your local community by making your purchase at one of our stores.