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Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? by Krystyl Farmer

by Krystyl Farmer
by Krystyl Farmer

Whoever made the statement, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” obviously didn’t have access to a free library with infinite resources! (That was hyperbole, our resources actually are limited.) But thankfully, Heartland Library Cooperative (HLC) libraries have the ability to request books from 200+ libraries in the state of Florida. If you and your furry friend need some relationship advice, a.k.a training– we got what you need.

The HLC has oodles of books and DVDs if you prefer to teach your pup one-on-one. A quick search in the online catalog, at, provided these titles:

The Complete Idiot’s Guide Positive Dog Training by Pamela Dennison which is barking full of tips and tricks Positive-Dogfor first time dog owners. Fundamentals, basics, and even loose-leash walking, it’s all covered in this book!

Train-Your-DogBrandon McMillan shares his system to transform any dog into a model companion in his book,  Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dog in 7 Days. Learn common commands, tips on housebreaking and chewing, and get to know your dog.
The book, Team Dog: How to Train Your Dog the Navy SEAL Way by Mike Ritland gives direct, concise, and efficient advice to achieve desired levels of obedience.

Woof! A Guide to Dog Training is a DVD that stresses “dogs that do bad things aren’t necessarily problem dogs” and focuses on evaluating your dog’s personality, dispelling common rumours, and giving practical solutions to common issues.

If you keep your cuddly cutie on a strict diet regimen, HLC libraries have cookbooks, like Baking for your dog: tasty treats for good-treats-cookbook-for-dogsyour four-legged friend by Ingeborg Piles and The good treats cookbook for dogs: 50 home-cooked treats for special occasions plus everything you need to know to throw a dog party! by Barbara Burg, with canine-friendly recipes you can make your pooch that are nutritious and delicious.

If you feel like you can’t go it alone local stores and organizations can help you out.  Petco®  offers puppy and adult training classes for a fee, you might find coupons in the store circular. Heartland Dog Club, Inc. of Florida hosts weekly obedience classes as well as good citizen testing, find out more information on their website: Pet Supermarket® does not offer training classes, however, they have all the supplies you will need for achieving your #goals.

Team-Dog-How-to-Train-Your-Dog-Even though the month of October is known for many things like Halloween, Breast Cancer Awareness, etc., the ASPCA has deemed October as National Adopt a Shelter Dog month.

Every year, an estimated 5 to 7 million animals enter shelters and 3 to 4 million get euthanized. This Fall we encourage you, if you are willing and able, to make this season a time to adopt, not shop. The Humane Society of Highlands County offers free lifetime training classes for dogs adopted from the shelter, you can learn more by visiting their website or facebook page.