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A Political Book For Every Occasion by Olivia Tooker

Olivia Tooker
by Olivia Tooker

Whether you’re satisfied and optimistic about 2017’s politics, or you’re anxious and feeling rebellious, there’s a political book for you.

In fact, there are already an astounding amount of books for and against the 45th book coverPresident of the United States, Donald Trump, (and his opponent), and an even larger amount of literature for and against the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama. I won’t even bother listing them, there are so many. Instead, take a look at other books.

If you lean conservative, you might enjoy The conservative heart : how to build a fairer, book coverhappier, and more prosperous America, written by economist Arthur C. Brooks. It offers new ideas while staying true to a strong, conservative background. Or try a new book by previous presidential runner and Ohio Governor John Kasich, Two paths : American divided or united.

But if what you really want is help winning an argument against your liberal cousin on Facebook comment threads or at the next family barbecue, how about a guide written by Fox news host and political humorist Greg Gutfeld: How to be right : the art of being persuasively correct. (Note: if you tend to vote blue, maybe don’t pick this one. It seems designed to make your blood boil.)

book coverNow if you lean liberal, Massachusetts’ Senator Elizabeth Warren has a new book out called This fight is our fight : the battle to save America’s middle class, which discusses the creation, status, and potential collapse of America’s middle class. Or you might like Vermont Senator Bernie Sander’s book about his political campaign for presidency, Our revolution : a future to believe in.

book coverBut if you feel a little snarkier and bitter, try We’re still right, they’re still wrong : the Democrats’ case for 2016 by political consultant and former lead strategist for President Bill Clinton’s campaign, James Carville — this one is extraordinarily biased for the left and against the right, so proceed with joy or caution depending.

book coverOld favorite activist and frequent runner for presidency Ralph Nader has a new book too: Breaking through Power : easier than we think. And Colorado Congressman Ken Buck made a bipartisan contribution by exposing the terrible sides of any and all politicians in Drain the swamp : How Washington Corruption Is Worse Than You Think.

As with all nonfiction, especially about something as emotionally charged as politics, remember to consider the author’s motive, the accuracy of the information, and your own strong biases. And maybe read books written by your political enemy to keep your own views sharp or to study the “Other Side’s viewpoint.”

book coverWhether you want affirmation, a challenge, a new viewpoint, an expose, an explanation, or simply something political to read, the Heartland Library Cooperative has something for you.

book coverYou can find all of the above titles (and more) through the Heartland Library Cooperative, or through the Tampa Bay Library Consortium — the ebook and e-audiobook collection. And although we are more than happy to provide these books as borrowing material, please, please do not engage in political conversation with library staff. While on the job, the only political opinion we have is always wanting a little more money in the budget — or at least, never less.