Love Books? Visit The Book Labyrinth!

book labyrinth

Of course you do. You’re at the library! What if you’re not at the library? Chances are you love books so much you search them out. You find new book stores, flea markets, garage sales and used book stores.

The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles covers 20,000 square feet and has a back room with over 100,000 books at $1 apiece. They also have a rare book annex and tens of thousands of vinyl records. Remember those?

Check out the full article at Roadtrippers. After that you can visit the labyrinth of books at The Last Bookstore if you’re in Los Angeles.

If you’re not in LA you can visit your local Heartland Library Cooperative branch! Go to the page for Avon Park Library, DeSoto County Library, Glades County Library, Hardee Count Library, Lake Placid Library, Okeechobee County Library or Sebring Public Library for more information including hours, phone number and a map.