Free Online Classes !

Universal ClassesDid you know that as a member of the Heartland Library Cooperative you have received a free scholarship to higher education? Yes, the document that authorizes this scholarship is your library card. The Cooperative’s website listed on the back of your card ( is the portal to this opportunity.  Click on “Universal Class Online Classes.” Clicking on this will take you to a Registration page for Universal Class New Members.

Once registered, you can peruse what subjects are available among the 500 offered courses. These range from Accounting to Writing Skills and everything in between, including GED preparation.

You may enroll in up to 5 courses at a time and have six months to complete a particular course. A “real” class instructor is assigned and communicates with each student via personal email.

The classes are self- paced. Why not give Universal Class a try? I’m sure you’ll find something personally interesting among the 500 courses offered and hey, maybe we might cook together sometime!–Frank Phillips, Library Assistant.