In accordance with applicable statutes and subject to any exclusions from or exceptions to the requirements of such statutes, the Heartland Library Cooperative Governing Board establishes the following Purchasing Policy which sets forth the requirements and restrictions that govern purchases of goods and services for the Heartland Library Cooperative. The intent of this Policy is to maximize the use of the Cooperative’s funds by employing prudent, time efficient, and professional acquisition and procurement practices to achieve the best possible value in meeting the Cooperative’s needs for goods and services.

General Purchasing Policies

All purchases, procurements, and acquisitions of goods and services shall be performed by the Cooperative Coordinator.

Purchases up to $10,000 shall be made using good purchasing practices that ensure the Cooperative receives the best value for its money.

Two quotes, written or phone, will be solicited for purchases over $10,000 and three written quotes will be solicited for purchases over $20,000. Any purchases over $20,000 must be made through an advertised, sealed bid process. There will be an advertisement once per week for 2 successive weeks. The bid opening will be a minimum of 10 days after the second ad. Bids will be evaluated by the Cooperative Chairman, Cooperative Treasurer and Cooperative Coordinator. Selection will be based on the lowest qualified bid.

Non-competitive purchases may be used to procure goods or services available from only one source, or when it is determined that competitive bidding is not feasible or not advantageous to the Cooperative.

The Cooperative may utilize a process commonly known as “piggybacking”. When “piggybacking” off of another government’s contract (State of Florida, Federal Government, Host County, Member County, for example), the Cooperative forgoes its normal quote process and instead adopts the prices in another governmental entity’s contract with a vendor.

Acceptance/Rejection of Quotes/Bids

The Cooperative reserves the right to accept the lowest or best bid or quote, to waive any and all informalities or irregularities in any bid, and to reject any and all bids received

Credit Card

Purchases made with the Cooperative credit card must conform to this Policy.

Adopted: Heartland Library Cooperative Governing Board, November 29, 2006