Meeting 6

September 18, 1996
Heartland Library Cooperative (HLC) governing board members present: Chairman Jeri Canale, Highlands County Commissioner; Vice-Chairman Bonnie Dyga, Okeechobee County Assistant Administrator; Paul Erickson, DeSoto County Community Services Director; Walter Olliff, Jr., Hardee County Commissioner; Jeanne Renton, Highlands County; Perry Newport, Highlands County; Gloria Davis, Hardee County.
Board Members absent: Barbara Smith, DeSoto County; Sharon Turner, DeSoto County; Diana Youmans, Hardee County; Clois Harvey, Okeechobee County Commissioner.
Other Attendees: Mary Myers, HLC Coordinator; Merry Cresswell, Lake Placid Librarian; Don Obratka, Hardee County Librarian; Elizabeth Kenney, DeSoto County Librarian; Ed Kilroy, Okeechobee County Librarian; Carl Cool, Highlands County Administrator; Mike Starcevic, Highlands County Resident; Sondra Taylor-Furbee, State Library of Florida; Carolyn Hesselink, HLC Administrative Secretary.
Chairman Jeri Canale called the meeting to order at 10:02 a.m. Public notice was read. It was agreed to add to the agenda “Delegation of cooperative officers with bill paying authority.” Agenda was then approved, with the correction of the spelling of “Olliff.” Minutes of previous meetings were approved.
1. State Aid Application – Walter Olliff moved to approve the State Aid Application. Seconded and passed.
2. State Aid Grant – Bonnie Dyga moved to approve the State Aid Grant. Seconded and passed.
3. LCSA Grant Application – Mary Myers noted this represented less than one-third of the automation grant. These funds could be here as early as December. Perry Newport questioned the Work Plan on page 7 – if we were changing vendors. Mary said not, that these vendors were to supply additional things, such as web servers and CD-ROMs. Perry moved the adoption of the LSCA Grant Application. Seconded and passed.
4. Job Description – Bonnie Dyga moved the job descriptions: Cooperative Coordinator Network Services Manager, and Courier, be approved as presented. Seconded and passed.
5. Cooperative Logo – Mary Myers suggested that a logo would be a unifying symbol to be used on HLC stationary, brochure, and the new library cards. The county representatives suggested various themes they thought might be on a logo: citrus, agriculture, computers. Mary said a logo should help show our region’s connectivity through the cooperative. Bonnie Dyga moved that the librarians should come back to the October meeting with ground rules for a contest, perhaps to school children, and/or the general public. The log should be taken from the supplied description of the Cooperative’s purpose, and dates for the contest should be set. Seconded and passed.
6. Cooperative Circulation Policies – It was agreed that the library directors would meet Wednesday, Sept. 25, at 10:30 a.m. in the Lake Placid Library meeting room to finalize the above mentioned logo contest, and the work on one unified set of circulation policies to bring back to the Governing Board at the October meeting. It was noted that all library advisory boards and county commissions will have to approve these changes.
7. Certification of Libraries’ Hours of Operation – Bonnie Dyga moved the board authorize Jeri Canale, as Chairman, to sign the Certification document. Seconded and passed.
8. Tampa Bay Library Consortium (TBLC) Membership Application – Mary informed the board that an enhanced membership for the Cooperative will cost $800 and, among other benefits, will include 10 training sessions on various topics. She noted that TBLC does a site visit before they approve any membership. It was noted that the total hours for 3 of the libraries were incorrect. Once the corrections were made, Paul Erickson moved that the board approve the application. Seconded and passed.
9. October Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 23, 10:00 a.m. in the Lake Placid Library Meeting Room
10. Administration of Cooperative – Carl Cool gave the legal description of our cooperative as a “local governmental council.” He said our records will not be a part of the Highlands County budget. The cooperative will have a separate set of books and take care of its own purchases. Mr. Cool proposed to present at the October 23rd cooperative meeting an intergovernmental agreement between Highlands County Board of County Commissioners and the Heartland Library Cooperative to loan $30,000.00 to the Cooperative until state funds are received sometime in early 1997. The HCBCC, then the HLC board must approve the loan, then the Clerk of Courts will issue the check. Mr. Cool recommended that a law firm or attorney who is not a county hired attorney handle the cooperative business to keep it separate from any individual county influence. Carl Cool will also be presenting at the October meeting a proposal outlining what the Highlands County Clerk of Courts will do in the manner of financial work, and to expect a reasonable charge for that work. After some discussion, Bonnie Dyga suggested county bring a name (or names of attorneys) to the October meeting. It was asked if the state would reimburse our pre-grant cooperative expenses. Sondra Taylor-Furbee said the state would. Walter Olliff suggested that TBLC give us some suggestions as to how they would handle this; what have others done? Carl Cool state that the current depository bank for Highlands County is Barnett and that is where the cooperative’s funds would also be deposited.
11. Purchasing Procedures – Bonnie Dyga asked the library directors to give the board a sample of purchasing procedures and policies (i.e. spending limits, bids, quotes). In answer to Walter Oliff’s question on personnel problems, Mary Myers, as the Coordinator, said she would be the first one to deal with any problems. Mary Myers noted that we could adopt a county’s purchasing procedures to save time. She will present a monthly report to the board of warrants paid, expenditures, and a narrative of finances. Carl Cool said the two signatures needed on any checks would that of the Clerk of the Court and the Chairman of the Cooperative Governing Board.
12. Advertisement of Job Positions – The board, under Other Business, discussed hiring policies. It was suggested advertisements should run for several weeks. Carl Cool urged the board to run the ad for the network manger as soon as possible because no equipment could be planned for or purchased until the network manager was on the job to do this. After much discussion about how to do this, Perry Newport recommended the committee of library directors find ways to advertise the network services manager’s position, conduct interviews, and recommend their choice to the Governing Board. Seconded and discussed. It was agreed that the same number of advertisements would be run in each of the four counties, posted in all four libraries, and put in any free shoppers. All bills would be sent to the Cooperative headquarters in Sebring. Motion passed
13. Introduction of DeSoto County Librarian – Elizabeth M. Kenney was made known to all as the newest Library Director in the Cooperative.
Respectfully submitted,
Carolyn L. Hesselink
Administrative Secretary

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