Meeting 52

September 30, 2004
HLC Governing Board members present: DeSoto–Felton Garner, Paul Erickson, Ann Ryals; Hardee–Gloria Davis. The board office received the resignation of Marilyn Buxton.  All others excused.  Librarians present: Fred Lohrer, Mary Myers, Diane Hunt, and Elizabeth Kenney.
The Board met at the newly renovated Lake Placid Memorial Library and was called to order at 1:08 p.m. by Chairman Paul Erickson, who declared a quorum.  Commissioner Felton Garner led in the invocation and pledge.  
Coordinator Myers presented a couple of additions to the agenda, Felton Garner moved approval of the additions of approval of the audit agreement letter and approval of a grant called Prime Time Family Reading Time.  Motion was seconded by Ann Ryals, and approved by the board.  The board then accepted the agenda.  The minutes of the previous meeting were presented, with Felton Garner moving approval.  Ann Ryals seconded his motion, and the board approved the motion.
Mrs. Myers presented the board with the 2004-2004 budget for their approval.  She noted that previous unexpended money carried forward has increased to $45,000, enough to take care of all first quarter bills.  Included in the budget are cost of living increases of 2% and merit increases.  Board members saw that the Born To Read grant had received a slight increase in funding and will now be a program in all four counties.  The librarians have decided not to fill the part-time cataloging position.  That money will be used to fund this year, in part, the computer support specialist position the board voted to add when needed.  Mrs. Myers informed the board that the costs for gas and oil and insurance continue to increase, as reflected in the budget.   Library materials money will be used for DeSoto and Okeechobee libraries, as it is expected that Hardee Co. Library collection losses will be covered by their insurance.  Our State Aid to the Cooperative remains the same as last year.  Ann Ryals moved to approve the budget as presented, seconded by Commissioner Garner, and unanimously approved.
Gloria Davis moved to approve the State Aid Application & Agreement, seconded by Felton Garner, with unanimous board approval.
Gloria moved to approve the Hardee Prime Time Family Reading Time grant, which targets 6-10 year olds and their families.  With a second by Felton Garner, Librarian Diane Hunt informed the board that this is a fully funded program that includes book give-aways, and provides food at these give-aways.  The board unanimously approved the grant.
Felton Garner moved to approve the Born To Read grant in the amount of $35,000, Gloria Davis seconded the motion, and the board approved it unanimously.
Mary presented the Audit Agreement letter from NCT Group, noting that the cost will remain the same or less as in previous years.  Ann Ryals moved to accept the letter of agreement, Felton Garner seconded the motion, and the board gave unanimous approval.
Fred Lohrer commented that someone should report the good news from our county libraries that has happened during this year’s stressful hurricane season.  Mary Myers noted that she will do a report that includes that idea as part of her quarterly report to Highlands County and in the yearly report to the State Library.
It was announced that Vic Cresswell, husband of Merry Cresswell, Lake Placid Librarian, had died last week and his funeral would be held today.  Merry plans to return to her job.
Meeting was adjourned at 1:36 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Carolyn Hesselink, Administrative Secretary

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