Meeting 41

January 16, 2002
HLC Governing Board voting members present: DeSoto–Paul Erickson, Ann Ryals; Hardee–Walter Olliff, Jr., Elinor Batey, Gloria Davis; Highlands–Perry Newport, Guy Maxcy.  Unable to attend: Felton Garner, Jeanne Renton, Marilyn Buxton, and Robbie Chartier.  Also in attendance: Librarians Elizabeth Kenney, Margo Taylor, Diane Hunt, Coordinator Mary Myers, and Carolyn Hesselink.
The Board was called to order at 10:10 a.m. by Perry Newport, Vice President.  Ann Ryals offered the invocation and Paul Erickson led in the pledge of allegiance.  The Board was introduced to the new Highlands County member, Commissioner Guy Maxcy.  Notice of meeting was read.  A revised agenda was handed out to members.  No additions were made to it.  Clois moved, Ann seconded to accept the agenda as presented. Approved by voice vote.  Paul moved, Walter seconded to approve the minutes with the addition of Librarian Elizabeth Kenney’s name to the list of those in attendance on December 19, 2001.  Approved by voice vote.
Mary told the board about our opportunity to contract with Archbold Biological Station to be a fee-based member of our cooperative in order to catalog their library and add it to our on-line catalog.  Our courier could stop there fairly easily, in an on-demand basis.  The contract would be a revenue source as well as adding some 6,000 items.  Mary noted that no hard figures have been given out; we will have to have some sort of sliding scale for charging depending on whether the item can be copy cataloged, or must be cataloged from scratch.  She will report to the board on progress made in this endeavor.
Last month’s Coordinator’s Report statistics were questioned, but Mary reminded all the librarians that when we changed over to Polaris we had a number of days that our check-out ability was severely limited.  Paul moved to approve the report, seconded by Clois, approved by voice vote.
Clois moved that Paul Erickson of DeSoto County become the next chairman of the cooperative board, seconded by Gloria, and approved by voice vote.  Clois moved that Guy Maxcy from Highlands County become the Vice President, seconded by Walter, and approved by voice vote.
At the juncture, Paul assumed the running of the meeting and called for the audit report.
AUDIT for 2000-2001
Mike Carter of NCT Group in Sebring gave the cooperative a clean report, noting that the Polaris project used most all of the extra money rolled over from previous years.  He assured board members that we are in good shape financially.  Walter moved to accept the draft, 2nded by Clois, and approved by voice vote.
Rewind fees and over-due fine fees and their purposes were discussed.  While a processing fee charge is noted on the information sheets given to patrons, Mary told the board that Polaris will figure that in as a part of the replacement fee charged to a patron.  Walter moved that the board agree to delete the rewind and over-due fees and delete the wording “processing fee”, seconded by Gloria, and carried by voice vote.  It was agreed that beginning January 17, we will not generate over-due fines, however, any fines on the books will still be due and collectible.
The librarians would like to apply for the 4th year grant for Born to Read and the third year of Graying the Net.  Both programs have been very successful and accomplished more than we anticipated. Guy moved that Mary submit the 2002 LSTA grant proposals, seconded by Ann, carried by voice vote.
Perry was interested in knowing how many times our Internet service is unavailable each month and who or what is responsible.  Mary commented that we can get copies of the “trouble tickets” used to report problems to FIRN and to Sprint.
Meeting adjourned at 11:25 a.m. by Chairman Paul Erickson.
Respectfully submitted,
Carolyn Hesselink, Administrative Secretary

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