Meeting 36

April 18, 2001
HLC Governing Board voting members present: DeSoto–Ann Ryals, Paul Erickson, Felton Garner; Hardee -Walter Olliff, Jr., Gloria Davis, Elinor Batey; Highlands–Perry Newport, Jeanne Renon; Okeechobee–Clois Harvey, Marilyn Buxton. Voting members excused: Bob Bullard, Robbie Chartier. Also present: Coordinator Mary Myers, Librarians Merry Cresswell, Ed Kilroy, Elizabeh Kenney, Diane Hunt, Carolyn Hesselink.
The Board was called to order at 10:04 a.m. in the Lake Placid Library meeting room by Perry Newport. Notice of the meeting was read. No additions to the agenda were proposed. A motion to approve the agenda as presented was made by Clois, seconded by Jeanne, and passed by voice vote. The minutes were moved for acceptance by Ann, seconded by Felton, and passed by voice vote.
The report included stats from January through March, plus a detailed report about the Born to Read grant activities. Mrs. Myers noted that Library Technical Trainer Leslie Wood has tendered his resignation as of the 20th of this month. The library directors felt that Graying the Net Information Technology Trainer Max Mindar could pick up the extra work as class number had slowed the exodus of our winter visitors. Max is interested in moving to a full-time position. The cooperative has applied for the 2nd year grant for the Graying the Net proposal. Hiring another trainer may be a possibility if the grant is approved.
On-line continuing education classes are being offered free to library personnel by TBLC and several of our library staff have signed up.
A library evaluation survey sheet was included in the report packet. It is being handed out at each library and will be used again next winter as a cooperative survey. Sebring is handing out 20 surveys per day.
An updated Long Range Plan was given to the board to show which goals have been completed and which are continuing. Mrs. Myers that the e book project has been successful. Gloria moved that the board approve the coordinator’s report, 2nd by Ann and passed by voice vote.
Elizabeth requested that the board approve a second reciprocal borrowing agreement. Our first agreement is with Tampa Bay Library Consortium (TBLC), but her library is contiguous to several counties that belong to the Southwest Florida Library Information Network (SWFLIN). With this agreement, patrons who work in or frequent DeSoto county, wouldn’t have to pay an outside-the-cooperative $20 annual borrower’s fee. SWFLIN reciprocal borrowing doesn’t include all libraries in their area. Paul moved to adopt an agreement to accept reciprocal borrowing with SWFLIN, 2nd by Ann, passed by voice vote.
It was noted that our Heartland Cooperative web page has been updated. Board members agreed that they only needed to be named–no phone numbers or home addresses.
The librarians suggested that the circulation period of videos be changed from its current one week period to two weeks to coincide with book check-out, to add to the policy page the words “a processing fee may be charged,” and noting there are paperback “honor collections.” The changes will be effective September 17, which is the Polaris change-over date. Clois moved he board adopt these changes, 2nd by Gloria, passed by voice vote.
Mary requested that the State Library extend the Literacy Grant period to June 30, 2001, to enable the members to finish their grant activities. Paul moved the board approve this extension request, 2nd by Clois, and passed by voice vote.
The State of Florida will no longer be funding this long-time program. Hardee has 3, Sebring has one, and DeSoto had a 20 hour a week helper, all of whom will no be paid when the program closes this summer. Only Okeechobee library will no be impacted.
Meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m. 
Carolyn Hesselink
Administrative Secretary

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