Meeting 25

April 21, 1999
HLC Governing Board voting members present: DeSoto-Bob Avant, Ann Ryals; Hardee- Elinor Batey, Gloria Davis, Walter Olliff, Jr.; Highlands – Perry Newport, Bob Bullard; Okeechobee-Robbie Clarke and Clois J. Harvey.
Board members absent: Highlands – Jeanne Renton, excused, DeSoto-Paul Erickson, excused.
Other attendees present: DeSoto-Elizabeth Kenney; Hardee-Diane Hunt; Okeechobee-Ed Kilroy; Highlands-Marilyn Arnold, Mike Carter, Merry Cresswell, Mary Myers, Carolyn Hesselink
The meeting was called to order at the Hardee County Library and the notice of meeting read at 10:35 a.m.
Mike Carter, of Dorrell, Hancock and Carter, auditors, asked permission to be on the agenda first, due to a prior commitment. Mr. Carter gave his draft copy of the report to the board. His assessment after auditing our books is that we have a “clean report”. Mr. Carter also noted that we earner over $5,000 in interest last year, which is listed as unreserved and undersigned funds. His report was received by the board with thanks. There being no additions to the agenda, it was considered approved. Bull Bullard moved waiting the reading of the published minutes, and to approve them, seconded by Walter Olliff, and approved by voice vote.
The Coordinator’s report was presented. Mrs. Myers noted that the Freenet, of which we are a part, is getting ready to ship computers and carrels with the month to the participating libraries. Reimbursements from E-Rate are being received and the cooperative is expecting to receive thousands of dollars, all unbudgeted revenue. She remind the board that the phone companies are not benefiting from this directly, but out regular phone bills already reflect a $5 monthly charge. Off-setting this billing shared by all phone users is the fact that our libraries are only paying 20% of the true cost of their phone bills.
The Technology Committee report was included for the board’s perusal. Perry Newport asked Mary to talk to the bard about one of our state goals (take from the May 20, 1998 board listing of third year priorities), that of centralized cataloging. Hardee County Library’s expansion will provide the needed room, and Diane Hunt, the Database Coordinator and Hardee County Librarian, is enthusiastic about freeing up existing staff in all the libraries who are involved in repetitious cataloging. She believes that the duplicated work of some 8 cataloging staff can be done by perhaps 2-4 people, freeing up library staff to help with the patrons. Hardee is looking to complete its renovation by 12/99, freeing up library staff to help with the patrons. Hardee is looking to complete its renovation by 12/99, but can begin this move to centralized cataloging as soon as it can be started. We are looking at a permanent position for a cataloger with an MLS degree, plus an assistant. The board discussed the reasoning behind this and, by consent, gave their blessing to Mrs. Myers and the Technology Committee to work out the details.
Mrs. Myers talked about some of the uses of the undesignated monies we will have available, and it was noted that desks, chairs, shelving etc. are all needed for the libraries in the midst of renovation projects. It was agreed that when we’re doing the budget this summer, the librarians can all do our county wish lists. We’re expecting more money from the State next year, because our counties are supporting their libraries more locally.
Elizabeth Kenney of DeSoto welcomed two new DeSoto County board members: Commissioner Bob Avant and Ann Ryals.
Mrs. Kenney attended Library Day in Tallahassee and presented her report to the board with a hand-out on bills being considered. House bill 7 has to do with the taxing of cooperatives. It looks like it is dead for this year. Dial up and click on the legislative line to see what is currently happening. Call your representative to ask him or her to be a co-sponsor to increased the aid to libraries. It was pointed out that cooperative always are funded by the State from their funds, so our funding is more guaranteed than the individual county libraries.
The board agreed that we really have no need for alternates at this time. It would have mean our county commissioners changing our interlocal agreement and might have created more problems than it solved.
The Technology Committee will meet Fridays, monthly, May 14 and June 11, at 2 p.m. at the Lake Placid Library. The Cooperative board will be meeting June 16th, Wednesday, at 10 a.m., also at Lake Placid Library.
The board ended the meeting by touring the areas set for expansion in the Hardee Library, and members also looked at the new web page, designed by Mrs. Myers and volunteer Paul Ramponi.
We adjourned at 11:25 a.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Carolyn L. Hesselink
Administrative Secretary

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