Meeting 19

May 20, 1998
HLC Governing Board voting members present: from Okeechobee County, Clois Harvey and Marilyn Buxton; from Highlands County, Perry Newport, Jeri Canale and Jeanne Renton; from DeSoto County, Barbara Smith; from Hardee County, Gloria Davis.
Board members absent: Paul Erickson, Diana Youmans, Charles Evans, Walter Olliff, Jr.
Other Attendees; HLC Coordinator Mary Myers, LP Librarian Merry Cresswell, AP Librarian (soon to be Hardee County Librarian) Diane Hunt, DeSoto Librarian Elizabeth Kenney, Okeechobee Librarian Ed Kilroy, State Library personnel Charlie Parker, and Administrative Secretary Carolyn Hesselink.
The board meeting was called to order at 10:05 by Chairman Jeri Canale. Notice of the meeting was read.
Since the last meeting did not have a quorum and was declared an emergency meeting due to time constraints in submitting approved grant applications, the board had unfinished business concerning approval of minutes. Perry moved, Barbara Smith seconded the approval of the February 18, 1998 minutes. Approved by voice vote. Barbara moved, Marilyn Buxton seconded the approval of the April 15 minutes with the addition of Ed Kilroy’s name to the roster of those who attended. Approved by voice vote.
Pattie Howerton has been appointed by the Clerk of Court, Finance Office, to receive and process the invoices for the Cooperative. Mrs. Myers noted that today’s report is simply the unencumbered balances. Any equipment item purchased that costs over $750 will be put as an Equipment line item, if under $750 that item will be put in Operating Supplies. Under Other Charges is included the one time charge for retrospective and database conversion of the records of three libraries. Clois Harvey moved to approve the Financial Report, seconded by Barbara Smith, approved by voice vote.
Perry Newport directed a question to the Cooperative Coordinator concerning our use of the Microsoft products. With the Microsoft troubles with the Government, re: reduced prices for their basic system and then high prices for their add-ons, what is our future with Microsoft? Mrs. Myers replied that we are presently using Microsoft Windows NT. We are thinking in the future of migrating to Polaris to help with our cataloging needs, but we do know the future. Polaris is not a Microsoft product and Marcellus is qualified to be our technical support person instead of us paying the large changes we not incur by being tied to Gaylord.
Mrs. Myers announced that Avon Park Librarian Diane Hunt will become the Director of the Hardee County Library as of June 8.
Mrs. Myers reported to the board that the greatest need and first choice of the librarians was the Board to Read grant applications for each cooperative library. Second choice had to be the Training Project which involved laptop computers for staff training, and student volunteers training the public. When asked about our chances of greeting these grants, Charlie Parker said he feels at least one could be given to us. Coordinator Myers commented that if Hardee County gets their training lab, at least the Cooperative would have one for staff as well as the public. Mr. Parker said that the State Library has some 130 proposals, including one for one million dollars, but only $3.5 million dollars available. One big deciding factor in grant application proposals is the track record of the applicants in implementing their proposals.
Concerning the receipt for cooperative libraries for new construction and remodeling, Mrs. Myers told the board competitive bidding is a must on all library construction. It is expected that ground breaking will take place in 1999 for Okeechobee, also for Sebring and Hardee’s remodeling and expansion projects.
Charlie Parker had the board members peruse the Annual Plan of Service and Budget for 1998 and, seeing what has been accomplish, throw out ideas of where we need to go next.
Ideas listed were: bookmobile, centralized cataloging, more technology, Freenet, videos, circulation of software, educational CDs, public relations improved through public service t.v. “commercial,” Internet training, DVDs, laptop rentals, more PCs, books by mail, shelf-ready materials, children’s programming and YA services increased by hiring a coordinator, bi-lingual materials and staff.
Mr. Parker next asked the board what they saw as problems or threats to the cooperative.
 The list contained these thoughts: minor technology irritations, pressure to continue our successes, great need for technical services, need for expanded hours, continued need for local money from county commissions, need for strong advisory boards, and a vision of what we need to budget for via the use of a five year plan.
Charlie informed the board that next winter the State Library will be doing state-wide training to help libraries update their five year plans.
The board then prioritized the third year list of ideas as follows:
1. Training first for the staff, then the public
2. Shelf-ready materials/centralized cataloging
3. Youth services, esp. Born to Read emphasis.
Clois Harvey moved that the board affirm the emergency meeting approval given to the grant applications at the April 15, meeting. Barbara Smith seconded the motion, and it was carried by voice vote.
 The meeting was adjourned at 12:16 a.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Carolyn L. Hesselink
Administrative Secretary

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