Meeting 17

February 18, 1998
HLC Governing Board members present: Jeanne Renton, Highlands Co.; Paul Erickson, Charles Evans, Barbara Smith, DeSoto Co.; Walter Olliff, Jr., Gloria Davis, Diana Youmans, Hardee Co.; Clois Harvey, Marilyn Buxton, Okeechobee Co.; 
Board members absent: Perry Newport, Jeri Canale
Other Attendees: Lake Placid Librarian Merry Cresswell, Cooperative Coordinator Mary Myers, Okeechobee Librarian Ed Kilroy, DeSoto Librarian Elizabeth Kenney, and Administrative Secretary Carolyn Hesselink
Acting Chairman Mary Myers called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m. Public notice was read. There were no additions to the agenda. Barbara Smith movies its approval, seconded by Paul Erickson, approved by voice vote. The January minutes were moved for approval by Barbara Smith, seconded by Walter Olliff, Jr., and approved by voice vote.
Mrs. Myers’ report was supplemented by Librarian Elizabeth Kenney, whose statistics for her library showed the cumulative circulation stats for both circ systems. DeSoto and Okeechobee libraries are now entirely using the Gaylord Galaxy circulation programs. Mrs. Myers met with the Hardee County school board officials and those on the Hardee Florinet II grant committee to see if we could have a learning lap setup, which would include a video conference area. There is a possibility we could use school JPA students over the summer to build the furniture needed. The financial report included a revised budget. The original budget showed a total of $526,110 but the cooperative received a second year Development Grant in the amount of $55,000. This necessitated a revised budget showing a new total of $581,110. The $55,000 will be under the Development Grant line item. Salaries paid to employees did not appear on the current financial report as we reimburse Highlands County for salaries on a quarterly basis or when our first State Aid check comes in. It hasn’t arrived yet. Barbara Smith moved to approve the Coordinator’s report, seconded by Clois Harvey, carried by voice vote.
The board members asked about the universal service discount. Coordinator Myers explained that we are asking for an ISDN full back-up, if our frame real system goes down. This would normally cost us $40.00 per hour, but we would get an 80% discount. If we have ISDN full back-up, the system would automatically dial into the ISDN line in the event of a frame relay failure. We would be alerted to any problems through a dedicated computer in the MIS Director’s office. Ed Kilroy noted that Marcellus helped both DeSoto and Okeechobee work out “a lot of kinks” this past month and everything was working smoothly now.
The Board instructed the Administrative Secretary to get copies of county commission approval of reappointment of HLC board members. We have a copy from DeSoto, Highlands had it on their Feb. 17 agenda, Okeechobee needs to send a copy, and the secretary is to call Hardee to get it on their consent agenda.
Coordinator Myers related that we are going to receive about $33,000 more in State Aid this year than we thought. Our Money Market also gave us about $2,500 in interest this year. She recommended that we put the extra State Aid money into Library Materials, increasing this budget line item from $186,000 to over $200,000. Ed Kilroy agreed it is a good place to put it. Mrs. Myers also recommended that we put any interest into the unbudgeted revenue area of the Contingency Fund. Our Repair and Maintenance line item increase was questioned. Mary informed the board that we have added more network licenses and so had more maintenance contracts this year. As to the Equipment line item, we have budgeted to give 3-4 more computers for each library, plus printers and other small equipment. The Operating Supplies line item includes an increase to cover bills not paid when our first budget was done. The question was asked, do we have enough in the Education and Training line item? That will be sufficient, said Coordinator Myers, as all travel goes under Travel & Per Diem. Any increase in the Education and Training line item includes the Kansas City trip of Ed Kilroy later his year. Mrs. Myers said she will refigure the budgeted amounts available for each county, which should be at least $30,000 each. Clois Harvey moved the revised budget be accepted, seconded by Barbara Smith, carried. Concerning state grants for construction and expansion, Myers told the board the rumor is that we’re going to be fully funded because unexpended funds are available this year, so we have two projects going next year.
Mrs. Myers reminded board members that it is important that we have county representation in Tallahassee. Last year the cooperative gave each county up to $200 toward the expenses of two people and we took the cooperative van. She recommended that lay people attend this year, also. Possible attendees are: Clois Harvey, Perry Newport, Margo Daniels, Gloria Davis, and Jeri Canale. Clois moved that the Cooperative give each county up to $250.00 for Library Day expenses, seconded by Barbara, approved by voice vote. Everyone is to make their own reservations and send a copy of such to the Administrative Secretary.
Next board meeting is set for Wednesday, February 15, 10:00 a.m. at the Lake Placid Library meeting room.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 a.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Carolyn L. Hesselink
Administrative Secretary

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