Meeting 15

November 26, 1997
HLC Governing Board members present: Perry Newport, Jeanne Renton, Jeri Canale, Highlands Co.; Charles Evans, Paul Erickson, DeSoto Co.; Marilyn Buxton, Bonnie Dyga, Okeechobee.
Board members absent: Barbara Smith, DeSoto Co.; Gloria C. Davis, Diana Youmans, Waler Olliff, Jr., Hardee Co.; Clois J. Harvey, Okeechobee Co.
Other Attendees; Mary Myers, Cooperative Coordinator; Merry Cresswell, Lake Placid Librarian; Sue Rood, Highlands Co. Library Advisory Board; Elizabeth Kenney, DeSoto Co. Librarian; Ed Kilroy, Okeechobee Co. Librarian; Donald Obrakta, Hardee Co. Librarian; Carolyn Hesselink, Administrative Secretary
Chairman Jeri Canale called the meeting to order at 10:01 a.m. Public notice was read. There were no additions to the agenda which was moved for acceptance by Paul Erickson, seconded by Marilyn Buxton, and approved by voice vote.
Jeri Canale noted that she sent letters of support for library construction to our representatives and governor under the signature of the Highlands Co. Bd. of Co. Commissioners. They had passed a resolution supporting library construction. The board gave its approval to send a letter also, in support.
Minutes of the October 27, 1997 board meeting were moved for acceptance by Perry Newport, seconded by Marilyn Buxton, and approved.
Mary reported that much time was spend this past month getting the new Graphical Galaxy system up and running. In her financial report under account number 56402, Development Grant Equipment, is our $55,000 grant. New equipment purchased with this money will include a Light Pro or its equivalent to be used for training both staff and patrons. Library materials in the budget amount to $188,000. Mary noted that the average cost for fiction runs $15. Okeechobee will roll over their book money this year in anticipation of their new building in 1999 having much more shelf space. They will use the money for an opening collection. Mary reminded the board that the state aid money will not come in January. We rolled over $140,000 from the 1996-1997 budget year. It was suggested that simple, general directions be posted by the area of the computers being used for Internet. Don Obratka has a diskette with a training program on it for new users that may be copied by the other libraries. Jeri Canale commented that a bookmobile was an excellent way to promote libraries and we might think of that possibility in the future. The Coordinator’s Financial Report was moved for approval by Bonnie Dyga, seconded by Charles Evans, and passed.
Coordinator Myers went over the Network Director job description as provided and suggest the amount offered be $43,000. Going over the description, the board asked that under Essential Job Functions be added the words “other duties as assigned.” It was noted that no job description is all encompassing. Also under this section the board asked for a change from “supervises employees” to “advises employees.” Bonnie Dyga suggested we change the job title to Library Cooperative Management Information Systems (MIS) Director, and asked that Marcellus give us a monthly report on his work. Perry Newport moved that the suggested salary of $43,000 and the revised job title and description be accepted, to be effective today, November 26, 1997, seconded by Jeanne Renton and passed by voice vote.
The Evaluation Committee, composed of Paul Erickson (substituting for Barbara Smith), Bonnie Dyga, Perry Newport, Jeri Canale, and librarian Don Obrakta (committee member Walter Olliff, Jr. was excused) met at 9 a.m. this date. They used the Highlands County evaluation forms, evaluating the coordinator separately, then adding and dividing the total in each area. Mrs. Myers final composite score was 8.8 out of a perfect 10. Bonnie Dyga and Perry Newport agreed that the coordinator’s pay scale should reflect her excellent score. Bonnie moved that her salary be increased by $2,000, to be effective today, Nov. 26, 1997, seconded by Paul Erickson, and passed by voice vote.
Librarian Ed Kilroy of Okeechobee was chosen as one of two representatives from Florida to meet with representatives of ten southeastern states for this conference sponsored by Solinet in Atlanta, Georgia, August 3-8. Kilroy said this conference focus on libraries serving as centers of technology, becoming community leaders, looking for community partnerships, doing self analysis as librarians, and working on a vision statement for rural libraries. He noted that the conference attendees felt technology will make a huge difference to all rural libraries, especially since the cost of technology continues to come down. The conference attendees shared their problems, finding many similarities. The end result was that rural librarians don’t need to feel isolated. All felt this Institute needed to be repeated with others getting the change for leadership training and feedback. Ed stated that he was affirmed in his belief that what we’re doing in the Heartland Library Cooperative is vitally important to our counties.
Bonnie Dyga moved that we adopt a 3% merit pay maximum for the courier and administrative secretary positions in the cooperative, based on their evaluations by the Cooperative Coordinator, effective November 26, 1997, seconded by Perry Newport, passed by voice vote.
Coordinator Myers read from the Interlocal Agreement that state all appointments to the Cooperative Board need to be reviewed annually. We will send letter to the County Administrators concerning current board members.
The board discussed being able to communicate with Marcellus when he was on the road. It was felt a beeper would not work well as he often travels in areas where phones are not readily accessible. The board asked Mary to get a cellular phone for his use and setup the protocol for using it. She agreed to do this, noting that discounted rates are available.
Next board meeting is January 21st, Wednesday, 10:00 a.m. at the Lake Placid Library Meeting Room.
The Board adjourned at 11:20 a.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Carolyn L. Hesselink
Administrative Secretary

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