Meeting 10

February 26, 1997
HLC Governing Board members present: Chairman Jeri Canale, Perry Newport, Jeanne Renton, Highlands Co.; Charles Evans, Paul Erickson, Barbara Smith, DeSoto Co.; Marilyn Buxton, Bonnie Dyga, Clois Harvey, Okeechobee Co.; Gloria Davis, Hardee Co.
Board members absent: Walter Olliff, Jr., Diana Youmans, Hardee Co.
Other Attendees; Mary Myers, Cooperative Coordinator; Merry Cresswell, L.P. Librarian; Sue Rood, Highlands Co.; Don Obrakta, Hardee Librarian; Elizabeth Kennedy, DeSoto Librarian; Marcellus Mason, HLC Network Services Manager; Carolyn Hesselink, Administrative Secretary
Chairman Jeri Canale called the meeting to order at 10:02 a.m. Public notice was read. There were no additions to the agenda. Agenda was approved as presented. Minutes of the January 15 meeting were for acceptance and approved.
1. Bid Discussion – Award for 97-2 Cabling given to Associated, 97-3 Hubs given to Universal Cabling, 97-4 given to Arsys Innotech. A tabulation of the bids was passed out for the directors’ information. A total of 43 work stations were needed having a 586 Pentium class chip, internal CD ROM drive, and a 15″ monitor. Interface cards will be installed, all are able to be upgraded and Microsoft Windows 95 is included, according to Network Services Mgr. Marcellus Mason. Coordinator Mary Myers noted by bidding instead of taking the state contract price, the final price is $28,000 under what was budgeted. At least three local vendors can service the equipment. All workstations will be assembled and “burned in” before shipping. Mason said he talked to NASA and U.S. Army people who were used as references by Arsys and they commended the company for their product. Also, Arsys has agreed to allow Heartland staff to buy the workstations (including monitor and software) for the big price of $950.00. It has a 3 year warranty. The board members will receive a memo concerning individual purchases from Coordinator Myers. Barbara Smith moved we accept the 3 low bids as presented, motion was seconded and carried by voice vote, with thanks to the staff for a good job.
2. Library Day March 19 – Coordinator Myers encouraged every county to send representatives to Tallahassee. The 18th is the FLA afternoon reception and evening dinner to which our representatives and senators should be invited. The most important meetings, however, will take place on the 19th in their offices. Materials packets, issued the 18th, will enable county library representatives to know the issues. Perry Newport, who worked on the volunteer election staff of Rep. Spratt, will contact him while in Tallahassee. Other plans to attend from Highlands Co., are Sue Rood, Jeanne Renton, and Mary Myers. Jeri Canale and Bonnie Dyga are going to be in Tallahassee later in March and also will plan to talk to our legislators. We can lobby any representative who covers the Heartland Library Cooperative area. The Governor’s Budget report was sent to Coordinator Myers and it shows $339,110 for the Cooperative (plus we have $55,000 as a one-time Development Grant), and all four counties show an increase in their proposed State Aid. We are ranked 3rd in the state in budgeted construction dollars. Chairman Canale asked if it was possible for the cooperative to pay for representatives to be sent from each county. Coordinator Myers noted that we have budgeted travel and per diem and this would fall into that category. It was moved and seconded that the cooperative fund one individual from each county to travel to Library Day in Tallahassee, not to exceed $250 per person (estimated one night stay). Seconded and carried.
3. Cooperative Coordinator’s Report – Coordinator Myers said we have received the first pay of our money from the State Library. Sandra Mortham was unable to come, so the check was received from an assistant to John McKay. The general consensus on the cataloging quality of our libraries is that training is needed so that all can be consistent. Myers stated that thee will be a lot of clean-up on our records for the foreseeable future.
4. Financial Report – The use of some $28,000 savings in our budget has been discussed by the four librarians and Coordinator Myers suggested that we think about hiring an Internet trainer to spend perhaps a week in each county of on-site training to teach the staff person(s) how to use the software to provide the correct HTML data, and to train on general Internet usage. Myers commented that, while Marcellus will maintain the counties web page, the actual content and entry of data should be the counties responsibility to have a floppy (transfer by FTP will eventually be available, also). These web sites are a service to our local governments. Bonnie Dyga asked the librarians to explore this suggestion as to contract terms, length of time needed, availability of a trainer, etc. and come back at the next scheduled meeting with more information. It was suggested that the Coordinator include in the final report a line showing the original budget. Bonnie Dyga moved we approve the financial report as given, seconded, and carried.
5. Next Meeting Date at Arcadia – Because of Library Day in Tallahassee, the board agreed to skip the March meeting. DeSoto Library will have their open house on Tuesday, April 8, and all are invited to come to it. The Monthly Board Meeting is Wednesday, April 9, at 10 a.m. at DeSoto County Library, 125 N. Hillsborough Avenue, east of 17, on 70, across from the new administration building, in Arcadia.
6. Other Business – Perry Newport noted we seemed to be ahead on many of our goals. Coordinator Myers was asked to have a written report in April on our progress to that date. Chairman Canale reported that our of nearly 4,000 Highlands Co. surveys mailed out, over 500 were received and the libraries had the highest approval rate (some 87%) of all services. The board asked Merry Cresswell to convey their congratulations to the Town of Lake Placid which has received the Community of the Year award. All were invited to inspect the Lake Placid Library’s genealogy room which has been established by the gifts of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.
Meeting was adjourned at 11:10 a.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Carolyn L. Hesselink
Administrative Secretary

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